Ernestine Ernestine

In-Use Gallery

In-Use Gallery

Above: FF Ernestine used in «Kommer let, går let», collection of poems by Jesper Wung-Sung, Denmark 2015; typography by Henrik Birkvig

FF Ernestine used on licorice packaging for Venco // The Netherlands

FF Ernestine has been used as one of the core typefaces of the Dutch edition of Esquire magazine // Amsterdam, The Netherlands

FF Ernestine used on the website for Efteling, Dutch theme park

FF Ernestine used as the Latin typeface throughout the official German booth at the education fair in Beijing // Beijing, China

FF Ernestine used throughout «Parlament · tri zgodbe», a Slovenian book about the parliament buildings // Design by, Domen Fras & Malvina Lubec // Ljubljana, Slovenia

FF Ernestine Web in use on the site of wir eltern, Switzerland’s biggest parenting magazine. // Zürich, Switzerland

FF Ernestine used in Spurenelemente, a German found photography magazine (as featured here in PAGE Online) // Hamburg, Germany

Wall graphic of kneadle’s brand new logo (based on Ernestine) being applied. // Fullerton, CA, USA

HTTPSTER t-shirt // Christopher DeCaro, Fullerton, CA, USA

FontFont Banner at TYPO Berlin conference // Berlin/Germany

FF Ernestine Pro is used throughout in the book Sprache im Fluss. Neue und neu erzählte Sagen… // Eichstätt, Germany

Invitation Card // Regiodruck GmbH, Liestal/Switzerland

Logo for Park City Travel Concierge // Park City, UT, USA

Made in Berlin Badge // Nadine Roßa, Designer & Illustrator, Berlin/Germany

FF Ernestine Web on the website of Buddhistischer Kreis Erfurt, Erfurt/Germany

Promotional Postcards // Nina Stössinger, Basel/Switzerland

New Year’s Card // Patrick Widmer, Designer & Illustrator, Munich/Germany

Back Cover of a scientific book about «Neuro-Esthetics»

Back Cover of «Neuroästhetik», Martin Dresler (ed.), Seemann-Henschel 2009

Title graphic for

Logo of, 2010


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