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FF Ernestine is a wedge/slab serif text typeface published by FontShop International in late 2011. Ernestine attempts to combine no-bullshit clarity and seriousness with a friendly attitude. Its wide, open shapes and generous x-height lend it stability down to very small sizes (and at low resolutions). A range of ligatures, stylistic & contextual alternates, arrows, and two sizes of smallcaps enrich its palette.

Ernestine was created by Swiss designer Nina Stössinger. She drew the Roman base design at the postgraduate Type Design program in Zurich; then she teamed up with Hrant Papazian, who contributed an Armenian counterpart (nicknamed Vem) that shares the specific personable character of the family while optimizing the proportions for the Armenian script.

While Hrant worked on the Armenian styles, Nina made the Latin Italics. The two styles are closely related, so the Italic can be paired especially harmoniously with the Armenian component.

Both Roman and Italic are available in four individually drawn weights. The four matching Armenian styles are included in the Latin (Pro) fonts.